Lake mead hiking slot canyon

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lake mead hiking slot canyon

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  • Hiking Around Las Vegas, Lake Mead NRA, Spooky Canyon
  • Lovell Slot Canyon, NV • Canyon Trip
  • Slot Canyons of the American Southwest - Lovell Wash, Lake Mead, Nevada
  • Arizona Hot Spring - Lake Mead National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

    The private area runs east and west across the foot of the Gale Hills, extending a little way up the steep slopes, so reaching the canyon while remaining entirely on the surrounding BLM land is very difficult, though an alternative approach up and down two slot ravines half a mile east is thought to be acceptable. Deepening passage in the lower canyon. The track proceeds past the spoil heaps and canyon to Lovell Wash just as it starts to become enclosed, by stony hills formed of twisted and eroded rock hikinf many muted colors.

    The narrow section is the location for lake niking fence across the wash, blocking access at this point. The ihking route is northwards along the minor drainage encountered earlier, leaving the road 0. The hiking to the slot is just mead.

    lake mead hiking slot canyon

    Middle of the narrows. Canyon walls. Curving passage. Unless you are claustrophobic, go deeper into this slot canyon and marvel over the narrow, sinuous walls, which are so narrow all the way to the top that you can only see a slit mdad sky.

    Hiking Around Las Vegas, Lake Mead NRA, Spooky Canyon

    This is an extraordinary mead, albeit a bit spooky. It is so dark in here that owls find it a good place to roost.

    Hiking into the main canyon, the route continues up the slot for another feet or so to a foot pour-over Wpt. There are lots canyon little pebbles and a big rock sticking out of the cznyon wall, but none feel secure, making this lake Class-5 climbing. Before starting up, stop to consider that it is always easier to climb up than down. Above the first pour-over, the route continues up the canyon, which is similar to the canyon lower down.

    Lovell Slot Canyon, NV • Canyon Trip

    After only about feet of winding passages, the route reaches the second, higher pour-over Wpt. This pour-over is about ft high, the holds are smaller and less secure feeling than the lower pour-over, but it is still easy Class-5 climbing.

    This is the end of the slot canyon, and the climb out leads to an open wash, so there is no real reason to climb this pour-over and risk a fall and a broken ankle this far up a narrow canyon. If you do climb out of the canyon, you can hkiing north to a ridge, and follow the ridgeline back to the trailhead.

    Back on the road at the mouth of the canyon, consider walking a short distance further southeast along the gravel road to another small slot canyon: "Spooky Jr. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to explore. Table 1. Happy Hiking!

    lake mead hiking slot canyon

    All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate. Home Wilderness Hiking Lake Mead.

    Slot Canyons of the American Southwest - Lovell Wash, Lake Mead, Nevada

    Spooky Canyon view NE from outside highway fence. Link to map. Watch Out Other than the standard warnings about hiking in the desert, First fork in the canyon; main goes right view NE. The Hike From the White Rock Trailheadthe route runs northwest along the shoulder of the highway for about 0.

    First side canyon left. Inside the short first side canyon view N. Routes Photos 7, Trips 1, map 15, miles. Age Best Hikes zlot the National Park. Map of Hikes. Best Hikes in the Wilderness.

    The seemingly barren, grey-brown hills that line the northwest shore of Lake Mead conceal a variety of hidden, scenic landscapes, principally many outcrops of deep red Aztec sandstone, visible most spectacularly at Valley of Fire State they also contain old mines, interesting geology, ancient petroglyphs, Mojave desert flora and narrow slot canyons, of which the most easily reached is. Lake Mead National Recreation Area has few established hiking trails. When cooler weather prevails from November through March, National Park Service guided hikes and walks are conducted in various areas throughout the recreation area. (Ranger-led programs). Notes: Beautiful slot canyon which white owls live in. Trailhead info: Trailhead is located at first parking lot on left from 33 Hole turnoff. You walk down the hill to the west and just beyond the butte, turn left (south) and at the first fork, stay left.

    Wilderness Act. Lovell Slot Canyon Official Route. Area Water. Lovell Canyon 0. Hamblin Mountain 1. Jacal Peak 1.

    Arizona Hot Spring - Lake Mead National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

    Cottonwood Spring 1. Northshore Summit Trail 4. Bowl of Fire 4.

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      This short route 1 mile round trip runs up into a scenic and interesting slot canyon where water carved narrow and sinuous passages into conglomerate rock. There are three side canyons, one of which is particularly dark and spooky, and two pour-overs farther up the main canyon for more adventurous hikers. Despite being located next to busy Highway 93, this dark and mysterious canyon is seldom visited, yet it makes a nice addition to a day of hiking to Liberty Bell Arch or Arizona Hot Springs.

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      This trail is located in a dramatic slot canyon that joins the river just downstream of Ringbolt Rapid. Although springs, especially hot springs, are safe and fun to relax in, there is a slight danger from a rare and lethal amoeba called Naegleria fowleri.

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