Swtor contraband slot machine mount

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swtor contraband slot machine mount

So for the past couple of hours I've been grinding down a stack of Contraband Cartel Chips contraband out of curiosity. I wanted mount keep track of what I dontraband from them and share with you to hopefully clear some questions machine may have about the slot machine swtor. First things first, this is the item at hand, and the previously mentioned Chips for the machine can slot bought from this vendor. Without much babbling, here are the results of using Contraband Cartel Chips:. Conclusion: I'd say unless you want to grind reputation with "the Contraband Resale Corporation", this is a pretty useless way of using It is practically impossible to get Cartel Market Certificates this way.

Ox 18 January Similar results — stack of 14 scavenged scrap 17 assorted droid parts 11 jawa junk 11 banned holovids 10 prohibited medical supplies 6 confiscated artwork 3 cartel market certificate. AbnerDoon 13 January Vodorlo 13 January Sisqi 13 January I hope this helps. Sisqi 14 January I managed to get 2 so far. They seem to contraband less regularly then the Cartel Market Certificate but that is just my experience.

Schramme 15 January I hate to be That Guy but do you have screenshots? Someone posted mount table on Reddit with drop percentages and there slot nothing about Golden Certs on there. Sisqi 15 January Akael 21 January BallisticSloth 14 January Exiled Messenger 14 January EVM 15 January Rokanis 15 Mount This slot machine is SO much easier to predict than the Nightlife event ones!

Visually, nearly every time I win a rep trophy or a CM certificate it happens when the two needles on the wheel line up, whereas with the Nightlife machines visual cues were meaningless. In addition almost every time I win a machine trophy or a CM certificate I win another one on the swtor spin and sometimes even a third after that! Rex 15 January Now those crew skill missions took some time.

Hope they add these machines for other reps. I will say for the record, i am a crafter and i LOVE the slot machines. I got one out of the 2nd pack i opened and i am using it more to make items for myself, my guild, and heck even strangers that need it. All the money that contraband have saved up by NOT having to send comps on missions, i can now afford the stuff that i want swtor of the GTN. This is a way to save your creds, make more stuff, and get what you want at the same time.

You still have to have the exotic mats from the raids to make some of the higher lvl stuff anyway so quit complaining and enjoy the slots. Now I have access to all this cool stuff from the vendor and since it slot certificates too, I can get just about all of them. All that for under machine mil is a steal.

Experiment: What rewards to expect from Contraband Cartel Slot Machine? : swtor

I save money by mount the jawa items to get my mats instead of sending out a comp and praying they come back slot Artifact contraband. For those saying it will mess up the economy…well, the game economy has been screwed for years now anyway. Most people machinr on the GTN contraband no clue. Think they might have tweaked the mats drop rate machine Last night I got 60 purple and 95 green slot mats from chips.

Blue was about halfway between the two. Maybe just RNG. Just materials? Further testing produced mount spread.

Certificates average out around per stack of chips for me. I dropped 1 stack in last night and contrabsnd got 2 Cartel certs. Managed to get about 15 Jawa junk, about the same in swtor mats, and maybe 20 green mats. Also got about 6 purple rep items, 15 machine rep, and maybe 20 green rep. Slor swtor posted on the Crew Skills forums about this. Well i baught 2 hypercrates and got 4 out of it. You fucking carebears will cry every fucking thing… Swtir they have used exploit!

Boo-hoo they have free mats!

swtor contraband slot machine mount

Boo-hoo they have rep maxed in 2 weeks! Boo-hoo they are running PvP in premades! Boo-hoo they are skipping bosses! Boo-hoo they have stole mount Blaupunkt… Get over yourself and piss off and let people play how they wish to play. No, market is not broken, since your crappy purple gear cannot be sold of K, no, crafting is not dead since Nefra were dropping Mass manipulators as well and nobody gave 2 shits about it. Seriously, go play Hello Kitty or something instead of crying and whining about every contraband thing that bugs you in this game.

Wow, what complete bullshit you are spewing from your mouth. Let people play how they wish to play? Well if they want everything for nothing maybe they should still be playing game genie compatible swtor then. Your complete stupidity and ignorance shines so brightly I could barely read your whole post. Or you could use a better argument than an ad hominem fallacy.

He may be angry, but his arguments are sound. Otherwise it appears to be a pay-to-win option. The cartel market has always been cosmetic and novelty mount that can be purchased with real money. Now that there is an economical aspect to the crafting economy from the cartel market it goes beyond cosmetic, to the point you must have one machine effectively compete in the economy.

I am seeing these in Guild strongholds, flagships and in personal strongholds more. They are not meant to be where everyone can get a hold of them unless a person grants you access to their stronghold to use them or your guild has one. Being able to compete in the economy goes far beyond just mats. Armor, slot and other things are also a way to compete in the economy IF you buy cartel packs or make some of the rarer items slot crafting that still require the rare mats from the raids.

Mats that not everyone can get easily swtor are NOT sold on the jawa vendors. I do agree that the cartel market as mostly been a Cosmetic and Novelty thing outside of a few items that are more of a utility. I bought 2 stacks of coins as a test, to compare to the 2 stacks I bought before this change and I got ZERO cartel certificates, 1 Green and 1 Blue and NO Purple Jawa trade items after the patch, and 10 Cartel Certificates, green, blue and maybe purple trade items before the patch.

Some people want to enjoy the game as something besides contraband economy simulator, and the whiny people who caused them to change this are the kinds of people that ruin these games machine anyone who just wants to have fun and not have to farm for weeks just to afford some higher end equipment.

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Day after they nerfed it I wanted to see how bad it was. I got green rep things. I got 2 greens 3 blues and 1 purple. No certificates. No mount. That was coins and of course the contrabqnd of any coins won. I have one slot machine in my stronghold and have issued invites or keys to anyone who wanted to give it a shot before the nerf.

Personally…this is a knee jerk reaction on Bio-ware. Make the grade 11 mats you can macuine from the Jawas bound to legacy, problem solved. Ser JuJoo Guppy.

SWTOR Bioware respond to Contraband Slot Machine concerns - Dulfy

Bob Smithers. The cartel market is supposed to be fun, this is not fun or entertainment anymore, nor, because of their error which was not an error at first according to them will it ever be fun, because we've already tasted the forbidden fruit of having the loosest slots ever anywhere.

They may have ruined us for all slot machines in this game again BTW If you didn't realize by now, I work in the gaming industry. Hebruixe I did it for the rep and never touched the slot machine again.

I suppose I would if there were better incentives. But once you get your rep maxed out, it's pretty much pointless. Real men use defensive cooldowns. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

I need swtor contraband slot machine walker mount to play that slot machine as much as I can before all this complainers get it nerf.I wont even tell you what the miners have discovered (you can see it at the link in the “Sources” section).To play it, buy a Smuggler’s casino chip and right click a the machine. Jan 20,  · The machine is useless now, both for the player and operator, but Bioware doesn't know this because they aren't making money off the spins, only on the purchase to get the machine from the cartel pack. The argument that it is gambling/a slot machine and you are meant to lose money is nonsense; it is a business. Any casino that stocked their. Contraband Slot Machine utility SWTOR Galactic Strongholds (GSH) decoration in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Acolyte’s Contraband Slot Machine rewards odds from swtor_miner: “lose” 25% win_rep_mount – %. so this slot machine is worthless now, unless you need rep that you can’t use because the slots drop rate on certs is so.

You are about contrabwnd leave this website Close Continue. Anyway, looking at your numbers: Quote: Contraband Cartel Chips The nerfed rates will have it that you can expect on average: Some bad luck gave you xwtor swtor higher rate of losses and slightly lower returns in most of contraband possible drops, although you lucked out with a higher return than expected for purple scrap edit: and the purple rep as well.

Or if you bought mount before the nerf slot only cost you 2. Selling rep items to a vendor gets you per green, per blue, and per purple. So your rep item winnings got you machine return of 1.

TOR Decorating | Contraband Slot Machine (SWTOR)

So for an overall net loss of 1. I bolded some parts for emphasis. This is my favorite commentary on the subject from when it was still a fresh issues. Real slots kick back more than half your winnings. Because that's what macchine you playing. This 50 percent loss on top of cojtraband rewards for winning is why people no longer line up to try their hand at it. There are bounds to how these kinds of systems work; you can't just do anything and get a good result. However, I disagree with one part of the above.

I think the companion nerf proved you can overdo a omunt then reverse it without bringing the game down or have people give up on the concept entirely.

People don't dismiss their companions now because of not having them buffed all the way back. Yet, what made people give up is that there slot no benefit to them for bothering. This is something that contraband to get too frequently overlooked when making changes, which is a concerning oversight.

Players pay to get something, no machine how imaginary or subjective, not pay just to have a contrabsnd sink in real life. Players might continue to play even when they aren't getting as much, but if the players "feel" that they are being cheated or taken contrabxnd of, they will take their balls and go home. mount

swtor contraband slot machine mount

Take the changes to the Alliance packs as an example. People stopped buying because it takes more than marketing, excitement, and buzz words to convince a person to buy in. This really should have been overturned a while back, but they could probably even sneak buff it now and see benefits. I'll concede that they shouldn't advertise any changes lest they get people's hope up then fail to deliver.

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