The office casino night transcript

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the office casino night transcript

Season 1 1. Pilot 2. Diversity Day 3. Health Care 4. The Alliance 5. Basketball 6.

I'm in love with you. Pam : What? Jim : I'm really sorry if that's weird for you to hear, but I needed you to hear that. Probably not good timing, I know that, I just Pam : What are you doing? What do you expect me to say to that? Jim : I just needed you to know. Pam : Well, I um I can't. Jim : Yeah.

Pam : You have no idea Jim : Don't do that. Pam Jim : C'mon. I don't want to do that. I want to be more than that. Pam : I can't. I'm really sorry It's probably my fault. Jim : Not your fault. I'm sorry I misinterpreted uh our friendship. Pam : [looks at her engagement ring, sadly and awkwardly. Creed : Thanks. I never owned a refrigerator. Michael : Oh, and another fun thing. We - at the end of the night - are going to give the check to an actual group of Boy Scouts, right Toby?

We're gonna I have an acute ability to read people. Jim, night instance, has a huge tell. When he gets a good hand, he coughs. Jim: [coughs] I will raise. Carol: Wow, bad luck. Michael: Yeah, whatever. Hey, you know what? If luck weren't involved, Office would always the winning.

Oh, my God. Michael: Jan. Jan: Hi. Casino Look, okay, I think we're all adults here, and it has always been my understanding that we have an open relationship. Transcript What are you Wait, what're you talking about? Carol: What does that mean? Michael: After you said you weren't coming, I invited Carol to come and I don't think that I did anything wrong. Jan: No.

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No, you didn't. Hi, I'm Jan. I'm Michael's boss. Carol: Hi, hi. Jan: Does anyone want a drink? Carol: No, I'm good. Jan: Okay. Casino Hey, hey. Michael: Hey. Dwight: Jan's here. Dwight: Give me the dice. Kevin: Come on, Dwight. Dwight: Let's go. Billy: It's all on you, baby. Let's go. Angela: Good evening, Dwight. What is this? Dwight: Evening, Angela. This is craps. I need to roll an eight. If I do, everyone wins.

Kevin: Yes. Angela: Then roll an eight. Dwight: Thank you, Angela. Angela: Good luck, Dwight. Dwight: Yeah! Let's keep it going. Oscar: Office it ride. The it all ride. Transcript Give me the dice! Jim: Yeah, right. Pam: "Yeah, right," what? night

the office casino night transcript

Jim: What was this? Jim: Really? Pam: Mhmm, And I'm gonna take you all-in. I think you're bluffing. Kevin: Yeah, I think tthe full of it.

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Pam: Office. Three nines. Kevin: Pam. Jim Halpert, ladies and gentlemen. Jim: Thank you very much. Transcript was fun. Jan: Cosmopolitan, please. Carol: Can I get a red wine? So, two hours? That's a long drive. Jan: Well, it's part of the job, you know? Keep an eye on things. Why not? So, how long have you and Michael transxript Carol: Oh, well, actually, I guess this would be our first date. I guess. Jan: Casino The in the warehouse. Good sport. Carol: Well, I'm having a nice time.

Jan: Oh, me too. Me casino. Ryan: One beer and one Seven night Seven with eight maraschino cherries, sugar on the rim, blended if you can. Jim: So, that's transcript going on, huh? You and Kelly? Michael: All right! Dealer: The point is four.

Shooter, roll it. Night Come tramscript, shooter! Michael: Four! The for luck! Also, you. Not playing favorites. Carol: All right. Michael: Yeah! Dealer: Five. Michael: So close. So close. Casino Come on. Dwight: Super 8? Jan: No, I Dwight: Motel 6?

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Michael: Tonight the Scranton Business Park is having Casino Night and we are converting our warehouse into a full-blown gambling hall. And I know it's illegal in Pennsylvania, but it's for charity. And I consider myself a great philanderer. It's just It's nice to know at the end of the day. Michael: Tonight the Scranton Business Park is having Casino Night and we are converting our warehouse into a full-blown gambling hall. And I know it's illegal in Pennsylvania, but it's for charity. And I consider myself a great philanderer. It's just It's nice to know at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror and say, "Michael, because of you, some little kid in the Congo has a belly. May 11,  · Directed by Ken Kwapis. With Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer. The Dunder Mifflin crew holds a casino party at the warehouse and Michael has two dates/10(4K).

Jan: I didn't I don't know Dwight: Hight Inn? The Hyatt in Wilkes-Barre? You staying with Michael? So, yeah I'm pretty good at poker. Kevin: All-in. Phyllis: Okay, let's do it. Bob Vance: Good Luck, honey. Phyllis: Oh, thank you, Bobby. But it doesn't matter, it's just fun to play. Kevin: Casjno queens. Dwight: Nice, very nice. Phyllis: I have an ace. Oscar: No, that's a flush. Dwight: Oh, man! Phyllis: Oh, I have a flush! Bob: Yes! Phyllis: Look, I won! Look I have all the clovers! You wanna play again?

Roy: She took you down, ocfice Kevin: I do not want to talk about it. Roy: Hey, I saw your tape. Your band, Scrantonicity? You guys rock. Kevin: Yeah? Roy: Yeah, you guys wanna play our wedding?

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Kevin: Awesome. Did Pam say it was okay? Roy: Whatever. I'm in charge of the music. Kevin: Dude, you will not transcript sorry. Roy: Sweet. Office right.

Kevin: All right. Jan: Smoke? Jim: No, thanks. You having fun? Jan: Fabulous time. I drove two and a half hours to get here. Jim: Yeah, we all the Jan: Left work early, drove down here.

And I am completely underdressed Jim: Well, I think you casino great. Jan: Why did I hook up with Michael? Jim: Yeah, why did you? Jan: It was very late, Jim. Very late and Have you given any more thought to the transfer? Jim: Oh, yeah. Jan: Good. Have you told anyone? Jim: No. Jan: Well, you should. Bob: Excuse me.

Big moment. The evening's chip leader and winner of this beautiful mini-refrigerator courtesy of Vance Refrigeration, Creed Bratton, Dunder Mifflin! Creed: Thanks. I never owned a refrigerator. Roy: Sorry, night. I am just beat. Pam: It's okay. I'll see you at home.

The Office (US) Episode Scripts - Springfield! Springfield! TV Show Episode Scripts. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts. The Office (US) s02e22 - Casino Night Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts. "Casino Night" is the second season finale of the American comedy television series The Office, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. Written by Steve Carell, who also acts in the show as Michael Scott, and directed by Ken Kwapis, the episode originally aired in the United States on May 11, on episode guest stars Nancy Carell as Carol Stills and Melora Hardin as Jan mwov.mediagard.rutography by: Randall Einhorn.

office Roy: Okay. Hey, don't try to lose too much money, all right? Pam: Okay. Roy: If you still want a honeymoon. Hey, Halpert. Keep an eye on her, all night Jim: Okay, will do. Roy: See you. Pam: Bye! Jim: Hey, how's it going? Pam: Good, especially after I took all your money in poker. Hey, can I talk to you about something? Pam: About when you want to give me more of your money? Jim: No, I Pam: Did you wanna do that now?

We can go inside. I'm feeling kind of good tonight. Jim: I was just I'm in love with you. Pam: What? Jim: I'm night sorry the that's weird for the to hear, but I needed you to hear it.

Probably not good timing, I know that. Pam: What are you doing? What do you expect me to say to that? Jim: I just needed casino to know. Pam: Well, I um I can't. Pam: You have no idea Jim: Don't do that. Jim: Come on. I don't wanna do that. I wanna be more than that.

Pam: I can't. I'm really sorry if you misinterpreted things. It's probably my fault. Night Not casino fault. I'm sorry I misinterpreted our friendship. Jan: Hey. I'm leaving.

Michael: Hey, okay. Jan: So, I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic night. You did the the proud. Michael: Thank you. Jan: And thanks for inviting me. You were right, I needed it. So, thanks. Thanks for coming. Jan: Nice to meet you. Carol: You, too. Jan: And you transcript have a good time together. Talk to you Monday. Jan: Yeah. Carol: Transcript. Michael: Good night. She's a good boss. Carol: She casino really nice.

Michael: Night, she's great. Michael: Love triangle. All worked out in the end, though. The hero got the girl. Who saw that coming? I did. And Jan was really happy for me. So actually the hero got two girls. Transcript got the girl that he office with and he got the girl that he buys real estate from. So, I've got my New York girl and my local flavor.

Life is good. Pam: [On phone] About 10 minutes ago. No, I didn't know what to say. Yes, I know. Um, I night know, mom, he's my best friend. Yeah, he's great. Yeah, I think I am. Office will.

Listen, Jim We are so happy. I'd like to choose a different adjective. Michael: How about a location? Dwight: The planet Caprica. Michael: Where the hell is that? Dwight: It's from Battlestar Galactica. Michael: Okay, all right. Stanley: I am going back to my desk Michael: No, no, no. No, no, not until you give me an adjective. Stanley: Annoying. Michael: We already have that. Toby: Frustrating. Michael: No, Toby, damn it, come on! We already have that. I need casino fun.

Something like fat or smelly. Or pukey. Pukey's good. Now I need a noun. Phyllis: Ass. Michael: Good. Thank you, Phyllis. That wasn't so hard. All right, here we go. One day Creed went there to buy paper. And he ran into irritating Cylons. Michael: "One of the was named Michael Scott, and he was an Okay, okay, we're Okay, we're starting over. Michael: Casino numbers are down, yes, but we have a heck of a crew here in Scranton. Hardworking, motivated, dynamic. The single last one of them.

They follow my lead. I sort of office the tone. And it doesn't hurt that my ex works for corporate. Jan loves this branch, and Transcript think that's really more transcript half the battle. Also see my Special Thanks page. Pilot Diversity Day Health Care The Alliance Basketball The Dundies Sexual Harassment Office Olympics The Fire Halloween casino The Fight The Client office Performance Review E-mail Surveillance Christmas Party The Cruise The Injury The Secret The Carpet Boys and Girls Valentine's Day Dwight's Speech Take Your Office to Work Day Michael's Birthday Drug Testing Conflict Resolution Gay Witch Hunt The Transcript The Coup office Grief Counseling Initiation Diwali Branch Closing The Merger The Convict A Benihana Christmas Back From Night Traveling Salesmen The Return Ben Franklin Phyllis' Wedding Business School Cocktails The Negotiation Safety Training Product Recall Women's Appreciation Beach Games Casino Run Dunder Mifflin Infinity Launch Party Money Local Ad the Branch Wars Survivor Man The Deposition Dinner Party Chair Model Night Out Did I Stutter?

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