Sims 3 how to find a sim

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sims 3 how to find a sim

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Sjm Of Emziiforever Posts: April in The Sims 3 General Discussion. Okay so heres my story, my family lives in IP, one mother divorced and a child.

The mother has a romntic interest but pretty much WHENEVER I call him he says 'I'm at work right now and I sijs know when I'll be done' I've been playing sims for a long time now and I know when they say that they usually work at places like the festival or a bar or something but I can't find him anywhere.

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Si, not even sure if he's a townie or not :shock: but his name is Rajan Patel. I've heard of someone using master controller to locate a sim but I dont know how to do that I do have master controller Please help because I wanna find wherever this guy works because it's annoying me now.

sims 3 how to find a sim

April edited April I checked the wiki and he seems to be unemployed, so it is very likely that he now works on findd of those random NPC jobs like the bar, or a festival stand. But he should live in the town, which is good news.

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Fo, I've wanted my sim to meet a townie, and I've been turned down too many times, when I've asked them out or to come over. Harley won't go home until he's caught all the fish, and Rajan won't go home until he's romanced all the ladies! You could try restoring the previous save. Click here for instructions.

sims 3 how to find a sim

SonomaSim Guest. I've tried it several times, but nothing happens. All my Sims became stuck at the same time - it was night, and they're all stuck in bed and won't respond to anything. I've also had several other issues since the update.

Thanks Pam, I tried that, but to no avail. Any other ideas?

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Go ahead and yow a new topic for your problem. This isn't the best one to get specific help. If this is the case it won't allow you to open the cheat box within the game. To fix this 1. Log out of your game and go to your desktop 2. Go to start on desktop or to your desktop if the shortcut is already there 5.

Click properties 7. Go to shortcut tab 8. Don't forget to click Apply Now go into your game and see if the cheat box will open up for you. Read the Forum Rulesthey were written for a reason! Visit the Sims 3 Swap Shop.

Your solution worked like a charm, and I'm very grateful for your help! I am very happy it worked for you.

Aug 07,  · Reset Sim Cheat; Rescuing Sims when they're stuck Not sure if this should go here or in the sims 3 console thread. This has happened to me on the PS3 where there is no cheat console. Any help? I suggest you post this question on the Sims 3 Console board for now. Logged. You can just click on any house, select MC, then Add Sim and find him in the menu. You can add him to your own household instead, then you would be able to control him. He would lose his job at whatever venue it is, if you do that, but then you could get him a job with set hours, making it easier for your sim to spend time with him. You can use twallan's mastercontroller to set the relationship (by category or numeric value) to any level for any sim. Setting it to acquaintance will simply add her to the relationship panel, if you want to work on the relationship yourself, or you can immediately set her as a friend, enemy, etc.

Enjoy playing. Chopsticks Occult Fund Not sure if this should go here or in the sims 3 console thread. This has happened to me on the PS3 where there is no cheat console. Any help? Quote from: Bow on November 26,PM.

ColliCub Guest. I really don't how using the 'cheat' console in the game, but I admit, I have had to sometimes to reset a stuck Sim. I had a really badly timed find Sim sm wish I'd captured it to show here. I'd sent one of my Bow to buy a book and then come home, but they never sima When I went to bookshop to check, she and all these other NPC Sims were staring and mourning at this floating ghost waiting on the curb for a cab. It let's you browse through every sim in the neighborhood, which you can filter by gender, job, age, etc to find the find you're looking for.

Not remembering any of her information may be an issue, but it shows pictures and names so hopefully you'd be able to recognize her somehow. It's a lot more productive than sim make me know everyone.

Do you have an opportunity that involves her, or do you want her for something else? Posts: sims, Thanks: in 65 Posts 13 Achievements. If this is in relation to fid opportunity, it's possible she left town after you got the opportunity The opportunity system is easily broken. Feel free to drop em if they seem sim.

I "sometimes" get the "Networking Is Key" icon on the map for the sims sim. Kestie Freehawk. If you dont want to how, then drop the opportunity. Might she be a service sim?

Reset Sim Cheat; Rescuing Sims when they're stuck

If so you could hire people until she shows up. It wasnt an opportunity. One of my sims had a HUGE bug and I couldnt play with them anymore so I copied them to the library and deleted the zims.

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